A (very short) response to Holocaust denial

Whenever I meet someone who denies the Holocaust, I want to punch them in the face and say:

This punch did not happen. And if it did happen, it happened on a much lesser scale.

Too bad this doesn’t work online.


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14 Responses to A (very short) response to Holocaust denial

  1. I absolutely LOVE that idea! May I borrow it for future use? Hey, even though I used to be a German WW2 re-enactor, at NO time did I ever deny the Holocaust. My only quibble with the emphasis on the number of Jews killed is it tends to overlook the millions of Poles, Russians, Roma (gypsies), gays, those deemed “mentally unfit”, and many others, not the least of which the various persons and groups who attempted to assassinate Hitler. (Granted, most of the later were simply executed out-of-hand.) Even seeing what our American politicians (with their infinite capacity for self-delusion) are capable of, I’m glad to say few people actually take the Holocaust deniers seriously. Now if we could straighten out those poor, sad few who can still delude themselves there WAS no Holocaust…..

  2. rellesxoxo says:

    Hello (: I know I’m a little late in reading, but I’m doing a bit of research on the Holocaust & was wondering if you had any good books to reccomend? I’ve been to my local library & the selection there was less than disappointing.

    • The are plenty of very good books, both academic and personal histories. But if I have to recommend just one of each category, it will be Saul Friedlaender’s two volumes “Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939” and “The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945” and “Night” by Elie Wiesel as an example of a survivor’s story. In the second category, Primo Levi and Jurek Becker are also wonderful authors.

  3. rellesxoxo says:

    thank you very much! i’ve just ordered them off amazon

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  5. Irena says:

    A picture says more than 1000 words… Love it! And great response btw :)

  6. robertcallus says:

    Hello Mr Moser, I found your blog from the Times of Malta online and find it very interested, even if on some issues I disagree (especially on Palestine)

    I want to way my opinion about Holocaust deniers. First of all I never had any doubt that the Holocaust happened, with all the gory details. However if I had a little doubt, I only had to follow Malta’s right wing extremist Webiste to get the absolute confirmation.

    Why? These people strongly admire Hitler and hate Jews. Needless to say, they also deny the Holocaust.

    Yet their “political manifesto” is nothing more than the Holocaust, without the gas chambers and more adopted to modern times. All the elements are there – mass deportations, starvation of ethnic minorities, scientific racism, hanging traitors, so on and so forth.

    In other words, if “it didn’t happen” why are they admiring Hitler and copying him?

    To me it seems more a question of a deep resentment that Hitler failed to acheive the “final solution”

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  10. Nachvollziehbar. Ich hatte mal so einen Fall auf einer Hausparty. Was der rausgehauen hat…
    Ich hab ihm dann gesagt, dass er jetzt geht. Ein Freund von mir, dessen Opa in der Reichspogromnacht 1938 ermordet wurde, wollte noch unbedingt mit ihm diskutieren, aber es bringt nix.

    • So einen richtigen Leugner habe ich, noch gar nicht getroffen, aber viele Relativierer. Erstaunlich oft im Ausland, nach dem Motto: “Oh, Ihr armen Deutschen dürft jetzt nicht nationalstolz sein und müsst noch immer Israel finanzieren, bla bla.” Meist sehr antisemitisch motiviert.

    • Ich habe mal einen Diskussionsleitfaden für/gegen Reichsbürger geschrieben: https://andreas-moser.blog/2018/06/03/reichsbuerger/ und schreibe gerade an etwas Ähnlichem für/gegen die Schlussstrich-Leute. Aber bei Holocaustleugnern ist, glaube ich, alles zu spät.

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