Desperate Ken Livingstone invokes Hitler

In Germany, there is an informal rule in political debate: if you have to invoke a Nazi-comparison, you have lost the argument because you have displayed that you have no serious arguments left.

Boris Johnson Ken LivingstoneBy these standards, Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate for mayor of London conceded yesterday that he is not interested in a serious debate about the issues in his quest to re-occupy City Hall: Mr Livingstone said about the mayoral race between him and incumbent Boris Johnson that it was “a simple choice between good and evil – I don’t think it’s been so clear since the great struggle between Churchill and Hitler.” He went on to say that Londoners who will not vote for him will “burn forever”.

  1. I am less concerned by the effects this outrageous comment will have on Mr Johnson. He’s a politician, he has a tough skin.
  2. I am more enraged because of the trivialization of Adolf Hitler: Comparing a mass-murdering, anti-Semitic, racist dictator who ordered the Holocaust and waged war against half of the world to a freely elected mayor of London is not only wrong and stupid, but it is also an insult against the victims of the Nazi tyranny.
  3. And what are these religious references (“good and evil”, “judgement day”, “Archangel Gabriel”) about? Does Mr Livingstone think he is God’s second son?
  4. At least he seems to think that he is Churchill. That would also explain why he is so obsessed about running for mayor again after he lost to Mr Johnson in 2008. After all, Mr Churchill served as Prime Minister twice (1940-45 and 1951-55).
  5. This is not the first time that Mr Livingstone has tried to invoke Nazi-comparisons. In 2006, he compared a (Jewish) journalist to a concentration camp guard.
  6. This man is clearly not fit for office.

    “I invented the cycle hire scheme!”

I am a swing voter somewhat left to the centre and I would usually choose between Labour, Liberal Democrats or the Green Party in any election, based on the respective candidate and the current issues.  – But Labour in London have lost my vote for the election of mayor in 2012. In fact, I might be voting Conservative for the first time in my life.

(I contacted Mr Livingstone’s Director of Media Mr Joe Derrett on 18 and on 28 August 2011, asking for the full context in which these remarks fell. I never received a reply.)

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8 Responses to Desperate Ken Livingstone invokes Hitler

  1. John Erickson says:

    Wow – and I thought the stupidity in politics was limited to this side of “the Pond”. All we have to offer is one idiot calling Fed Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke a traitor, and another wishing Elvis Presley a Happy birthday – on the 34th anniversary of his death – in the US South. (As Homer Simpson says, “D’oh!”.)
    Besides, Boris has something going for him. He’s appeared on “Top Gear”. Isn’t that all the qualification he needs? ;) (It would be over here, if the American version of “Top Gear” wasn’t such a pile of crap.)

  2. anonymous says:

    jesus fuck you stupid idiot, it was clearly a joke

  3. I dissassociate myself from the personal invective, but did wonder whether you had thought about the purpose of humour. And offer the folowing links in that light.

  4. Casque Dre says:

    I will invite all my pals to your blog, you genuinely got a fantastic blog.

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