Mexican Nazis

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels.

During my upcoming travels in Latin America, I won’t need to worry about money. Whenever I will run out of funds, I can work at a college or university and teach German and European history.

The demand for such lessons is illustrated by this ballet performance in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This doesn’t seem to be the only long-term effect of the activities by the National Socialists in Central America. From the 1930s on, they supported newspapers in Mexico and in 1935 founded the “Community of the German People in Mexico”. Only in 1941 did Mexico cut diplomatic ties, before declaring war on Germany in 1942 after German U-boats had sunk two oil ships in the gulf of Mexico.

But Nazis are the very devil to kill! Even nowadays, self-proclaimed members of the master race and Aryans are marching in the streets, shouting Nazi slogans and showing off beer bellies.

mexikanische Nazis

Nazis are stupid everywhere. But those who would have been regarded as subhumans to be enslaved or exterminated according to the racist ideology of the real Nazis, but who so much want to be Nazis now, are the very dumbest among the stupid. I wonder if they are even allowed to sit at the same table with the German NPD when they meet for international Nazi conferences. Well, maybe because of the girls that they have with them .


Important tip for the Mexinazis: When you get to Germany, always wear your uniform! Particularly in Eastern Germany. Otherwise, you may be beaten to death by those with whom you share your Aryan descent, your ideology and your stupidity.

Apparently there is a “Partido Nacional Socialista de México” and organisations like “Brigadas Fascistas de México” or “Cuarto Reich” (Fourth Reich). According to this source, the letters confirming membership in the Mexican National Socialist Party are being mailed from Germany, and German party members travel to Mexico. I’ll be damned if this isn’t financed by the German domestic intelligence services, like the German Nazi parties are in part…

And this is how Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto began his first day on the job.


Granted, this gesture was around before the Nazis; but some historical awareness wouldn’t be harmful. And thus we return to my offer for some extra lessons. If you all want to be such great Nazis, I am sure I can give the lessons in German, can’t I?


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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25 Responses to Mexican Nazis

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  2. Andres says:

    The salute given by president Nieto is a version of the Roman salute. Should it be retired because of its similarity with the nazi salute? By a similar argument, one could ask that vegetarianism be banned, since Hitler was a vegetarian

    • Yes, it should be retired because everyone thinks of Nazis now when they see it.

      Vegetarianism was never a Nazi policy and Mr Hitler’s vegetarianism, which may well be a myth, was a private matter. As opposed to outstretched right arms, nobody thinks of Nazis when they see a carrot or a pancake.

    • Andres says:

      what about the Swastika widely used by many Buddhists in Asia (though not by Buddhists in the West)? Should we tell them not to use it as well? Anyway, you have a good site, I’m not a troll, I just disagree with your argumentation in that post.

    • If a politician would use the swastika, I would be alarmed, even if he was a Buddhist. I just expect more sensibility of people who have to represent a whole nation.

      Thank you! I like a good disagreement.

    • AP says:

      Swastika is also an ancient symbol, but today no one normally carries this symbol on a shirt – you know why?

  3. yes they would be allowed to sit at one table. In usa you had segregation of black until like 1970, in nazi germany black were allowed during olympic be in the same hotel as whites, and using same busses as whites and could sit everywhere they wanted. Numerous black countries and ten of thousands black people fought for germany and for Hitler. WHole turkey did fought for hitler. 200 000 jews fought for hitler in wehrmacht. but i guess you are just another . “hitler was racist”. Blacks in usa are still in worse position then in nazi germany in 1936, cg

  4. 1) Legal segregation in the US was ended by Brown v Board of Education in 1954, although the problem admittedly persisted and does persist in a lesser way until today.
    2) If you read the Nazi propaganda around the 1936 Olympics, depicting blacks as inferior people coming straight from the jungle, even as sub-human, I guess you wouldn’t want to hold this up as an example. Never judge a country by the two weeks it’s hosting the Olympics. Concentration camps were already set up and full by the time of the Berlin Olympics.
    3) Which “numerous black countries” fought for Germany in World War II?
    4) Turkey didn’t. It remained neutral (although it continued to trade with Germany).
    5) Nobody knows how many Jews were in the Wehrmacht because of very differing definitions of “Jewishness”. It’s a religion, but the Nazis interpreted it as a race and put up their own pseudo-scientific definitions, which they then changed several times throughout the war and applied them incoherently.
    6) Of course Hitler was a racist, but so were many people in Germany. He was elected, after all.
    7) Saying that “blacks in the USA are in a worse position than in Nazi Germany” overlooks the fact that blacks were sent to concentration camps on racist grounds. Some of the people working for the Nazis were those who had committed the genocide against the Herero in Namibia.

  5. Luis bermu says:

    The naziz r not humans at all nor humanoids the r animaloids

  6. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▀▀██▀▄▄▒

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Fuck You Andreas. National Socialist is about race and culture, you piece of shit jew.

  10. Anonymous says:

    sigh, bud i hate to break it to ye but the video was a historial show of past events
    also national socialism, well the original, was not racist in many ways. adolf hitler used propaganda to fuel the germans, he even publicly acknowledged that he was lying to them. “tell a lie big enough and constantly, people will believe it” “Liers are magicians”. he even used a stereotype to lie about. some minorities were considered subhumans but not South American nor any from African descent, after all minorities only fought for the reich due to conscription laws in occupied nations and regions. most minorities were just considered lower humans, even brighter coloured countries such as Britain and France; only because they were against him. Pols, slavs, and jews were only considered subhuman races. and the aryan race was just said to be superior not a literal godlike race. some of the things about nazis being overly racist, not including neos, are pure propaganda used against the reich, vise versa. i see your points so i will not insult nor be overly aggressive just a little more pointers here and there

  11. Anonymous says:

    dumb ass

  12. Anon9o says:

    Lol, you’re a stupid rage filled Jew faggot that should be blasted in the head with a 12 gauge shotty or gasses like the rest of the Jews, especially the ones who want to fuck with people by trying to make an autistic comback (which is a bitch ass cop out move) like ” I thought you people said us Jews are very intelligent, mwahahaah”. You parasites should all be exterminated from the face of this earth. Okay?

  13. Chloe says:

    As a German American who’s family fought for USA and who’s Jewish husband had 185 relatives in the concentration camps, I will guarantee you will feel ashamed of yourself after seeing the film The Greatest Story Never Told by Dennis Wise. The Allies control all media and education in Germany since WWII. When you see the film you will know why. God with us.

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