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Pro-tip: Don’t ever return to the Office!

When you return to the office after six years of retirement (due to the Iran story, as you may remember) to say hello to the few surviving colleagues, you will also meet the gentleman whose name would simply be “Q” in … Continue reading

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My office for the next two weeks

My last two weeks in Europe will be spent in Ammerthal, the small and not very spectacular village in Bavaria, where I grew up. People think Germany is a civilized country, but there isn’t even any shop that is open … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

Monday morning. The beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Well-rested, with enough sleep and an empowering breakfast behind you, you get to the office. Your desk is still empty, as is the e-mail inbox. Slowly and with a relaxed pace, you … Continue reading

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Video: A Busy Day at Work

I often receive reactions of surprise when I point out that I don’t have time to accept invitations to meetings, to get something done or to answer your e-mails. But I am really extremely busy. To counter the incredulous astonishment that regularly meets this assertion, … Continue reading

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My office in Malta

One of my first tasks after arriving in Malta was to find an office space where I can work and focus on my studies. Luckily, I found the perfect spot in my new home town of Bugibba/Qawra: Salini National Park, … Continue reading

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Deathbed Thoughts

Although I have never been called to somebody’s deathbed to listen to his or her last words (and I probably would arrive too late anyway), I am absolutely certain that nobody ever died thinking: “I wish I had worked more.” … Continue reading

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