My office in Malta

One of my first tasks after arriving in Malta was to find an office space where I can work and focus on my studies. Luckily, I found the perfect spot in my new home town of Bugibba/Qawra: Salini National Park, only a short walk away from where I live.

Here I can study in the midst of nature, largely undisturbed, except for the occasional dog that smells the food in my bag.

After a tough day at work, it is also a nice place to relax.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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19 Responses to My office in Malta

  1. Selena Perez says:

    Hi Andreas. Wow that looks amazing.
    Did you read my other blog replies to your entries on suicide and you learning Italian? I hope so!

    It’s a shame you have no one that loves you that you love back to share that all with. I suppose as you dislike being around people and have very few friends (in fact I bet this blog is the only thing that keeps you going… the idea that peopel, mostly anonymous, around the world actually CARE about your existence), hate marriage, hate commitment, probably dislike your siblings and your parents (or are in very loose touch with them)…. my point was Nature is your only solice.

    It’s funny how one day you’ll realise looking at Nature alone won’t give you everything you want. You’ll realise that it’s love between two people that makes life the best thing. It’s a shame you’ll never know what that feels like. Because you are scared of anything that may “constrain” you living your life as you choose with as much freedom as possible… freedom is the virtue that you extoll the most. People are by definition constraining… they like to impose their will on other people through actions, thoughts, expressions. So as you do not like people … because it constraints you. you will always be alone. I know you don’t feel lonely as you indicated in another blog entry. That’s not the point.

    It’s just so sad that you’re missing out on life’s greatest virtues. Love. You don’t even know what that is because it just conflicts too much with your selfish attitude and belief in the virtue of self freedom above all else.

    How pathetic.

    • Johnny says:

      I sort of agree with that. I bet Andreas hasn’t even been with another woman for years. He may have kissed them but he or they ran off!

    • It is telling that both “Selena Perez” ( and “Johnny” ( placed their comments within seconds of each other and that both used e-mail addresses which don’t work: host[] said: 550
      Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to RCPT TO
      command) host[] said: 550
      Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to RCPT TO

      Well, I must have made some prolific enemies through my writing. Or maybe just through my existence.

  2. bowtiejack says:

    I don’t know. I sort of like the old adage about how if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all, especially something mean. And I mean “mean” in both possible definitions of that word as “spiteful” or “small”.

    Andreas does interesting things, goes interesting places, and posts interesting observations. If he has an extended wanderjahre , that’s his business. Lighten up.

  3. John Erickson says:

    I’m just glad that this lovely park isn’t my workplace. I’d spend all day playing with the dogs, and get nothing done! ;)

  4. Selena Perez says:

    They’re just some observations. Just the same way he makes observations on whatever subjects he likes. If you interpret that as mean so be it. I think they’re just helpful.

    Light as a bird.

    • Stefan MD says:

      I would call this a personal attack rather than an observation. With an agenda.

      As I said before, one can’t judge others based solely on one’s own values. Your observations demonstrate exactly what your values are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Where you’re wrong is applying those values to someone whose life is different to yours, with the assumption that he’s sad and pathetic based on those. It’s like saying that someone who buys a house, gets married and has a family but remains stuck on a tiny island is pathetic because you prefer to travel the world and experience what the globe has to offer! It’s a life choice! What would be pathetic is if you cannot live with that choice!

    • Stefan MD says:

      Or even more pathetic would be if one is unhappy with that choice and does not do anything to change it, but rather prefers to attack other’s life choice, especially the ones they would have wanted to make, just to make themselves feel better.

  5. That’s a very inspiring workplace.

  6. Lynn M says:

    Happy to know we have welcomed you well on our little but beautiful island. It’s great you are happy here. Unfortunately not all of us are so lucky to have that kind of office space :-) Will keep following your blog.

  7. D.Mohankumar says:

    Your study place is nice. Merging with the nature

  8. dressupforme says:

    What’s with all of the comments of Women running away from you? :D That’s kinda funny how people try to frame what you will soon think or feel.

    Anyways, you looks so handsome! I was pleasantly surprised to discover this ;)

    I envy you of being in Malta. About 6 years ago I was figuring out what do I want to do with my life. And one morning I woke up with a thought – “I have to go to Malta.” I have never been there and I knew nothing about ir except its name. But it pulled my like magnet. But I didn’t have enough courage to got there as I intended to travel alone and people talked me out of it. However, I have booked tickets for summer 2012 – better late than never, I guess.

    Thanks for a nice comment, btw ;)

  9. Jesmond Micallef says:

    Hi Andreas,

    You are a man of fine taste. Are those the former Kennedy Gardens at Salina ? I miss the scent of those Pine trees !!

    I’m into Ludwig Wittgenstein at the moment. The book by Kurt Wuchert and Adolf Hübner is quite a good introduction about his life and works. I really enjoy reading in German and have a lot of catching up to do. Germany is beautifull.

    Your’s is now on my favourites and will follow your bloggs.

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  11. seeker says:

    Writing room at it’s best.

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  14. Nita Smith says:

    I would love to have an office space like that! I would only add a very long extension cord for my laptop and nice pot of tea. Simply blissful.

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