Alternative Medicine

When I run out of money, I sometimes have to accept tedious jobs. Last weekend, I was transcribing and translating interviews with patients receiving biopharmaceuticals for what seemed like a very serious disease.

Asked about the worst part of the treatment, one young man replied that he hated having to sit still while getting an infusion: “I completely lose these two hours. I cannot work during that time. I cannot even make phone calls because I have to keep my arm still. My clients cannot reach me and I need to delegate and organize everything. It’s terrible.”

He had to get the infusion once every six weeks. So he “lost” 17 hours a year. 17 hours in order to stay alive and, as long as the medication remains effective, to live without major problems.

I guess a lot of people only are workaholics because they can’t think of anything else to do with their time. If you can’t read or listen to a book for two hours, if you can’t listen to Brahms or the Beatles for two hours, if you don’t have any friend who would accompany you for a talk during that time, if you can’t sit still and just dream for a while, then I feel pity instead of the admiration that you think you deserve because you are such a successful businessman.

If you are suffering from a serious disease and your biggest concern is that your clients can’t bother you for two hours, you may have your priorities mixed up.

By the way, it was a disease of which some say that it isn’t exactly helped by stress. I wish doctors could order long walks in the forest (without a phone, of course) or reading a novel. The Magic Mountain would be a good start.


“Why don’t we have any wifi here, doctor?”

(Zur deutschen Fassung.)

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  1. Robert Miner says:

    Lieber Andreas,

    Ganz herzliche Grüße aus Amman, Jordanien!

    Wir folgen gern Deine “Wanderschaft” um die Welt und Deine Berichte und Erfahrungen.

    Vor ein paar Jahren haben wir über unseren Antrag einige Mails ausgetauscht.

    Heute habe ich von der deutschen Regierung einen Bescheid bekommen.

    Noch bin ich am Überlegen, ob ich eine Stellungnahme noch aufgeben sollte.

    Danke für Deine Hilfe und Ermutigung.


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