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The homeless non-beggar

Shortly after midnight at the train station of Cluj in Romania. The night train to Targu Mures has been canceled without any information about the underlying reason, let alone a replacement train or even a bus. With my broken Romanian, … Continue reading

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How far can you get by train?

One of my readers wrote that he had been wondering how far he could get if he took his local commuter train and continued traveling with no other means of transport than the railway. As a train enthusiast, I couldn’t stop thinking about … Continue reading

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On the Orient Express in Bolivia

Long-term readers are already aware of it: the railroad is my favorite means of transport. So you can imagine my excitement when I read that Bolivia has an Orient Express: the Expreso Oriental from Santa Cruz to Quijarro on the border with Brazil. The excitement grew … Continue reading

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First or second class?

At the train station in Cluj-Napoca, Romania: – First class or second class? – What’s the difference? – Well… To be fair, this was not one of the operational trains. It had just been parked at the train station, waiting … Continue reading

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Air Condition on Romanian Trains

Trains in Romania don’t need air condition. They simply leave the doors open during the journey. Because of the slow speed, this enables you to get off wherever you want, without the train having to stop. Very practical.

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The Railway in Romania

If you want to know what the rail system in Romania is like, you only need to walk to the train station in Târgu Mureș. You will recognize it by this sign: a panel of wood from an old crate, on which someone … Continue reading

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Snowplow Train

It snowed all night and several feet of snow threaten to paralyze train traffic?No problem: you dispatch the snowplow train and after it crossed the country once, all the other trains are good to go to work as well. (Photographed in Gheorgheni, Romania.)

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