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Train Theater in Germany

A train ride as a piece of art: Advertisements

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Thoughts of the Day 16

Finland has some weird sports competitions.  Each time I return to Europe, rents have doubled. Tweets cannot change laws, regulations or rules. Each time Donald Trump tries to do so, he should be laughed at. Why can’t Microsoft Windows move … Continue reading

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How far can you get by train?

One of my readers wrote that he had been wondering how far he could get if he took his local commuter train and continued traveling with no other means of transport than the railway. As a train enthusiast, I couldn’t stop thinking about … Continue reading

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Handwritten Timetables

Question: How can you tell that a train journey will be idyllic? Answer: By the handwritten timetable in the slightly dilapidated train station. Examples: (please click on the name of the station or on the photo to read the full description … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Montenegro and Serbia by Train

My report on the train journey through the mountains of Montenegro made many of you long for more of that fabulous route. That’s why I share a video which documents the whole route from Bar on the Adriatic coast to Belgrade. … Continue reading

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Railway Strikes in Italy

Question: How often is the railway in Italy affected by strike? Answer: Often enough for the timetables to include a column indicating whether this train will be operated during a strike or not (on the very right).

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