Kyiv – Day 21/21 – Train Station

And the three weeks are over. Too bad.

On the other hand, I like going to Kyiv’s main train station because it shows the way that train stations everywhere should aspire to: large, majestic, comfortable, open around the clock, and with everything you need for survival, from a warm soup to newspapers.


Kiew Wartesaal erster Klasse

Where to next?

I don’t know yet, but I will definitely stay in Ukraine longer because when you only know the capital city, you can never be sure if you know the country (except in the Vatican). I might simply walk to the train station, ask where the next train goes to, and buy a ticket. Let’s just hope it won’t be to Pripyat or Donetsk.

And maybe the military band will play a farewell song:


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13 Responses to Kyiv – Day 21/21 – Train Station

  1. Safe travels! I’m looking forward to the next stop on my virtual vacation.
    Last night I visited Spiez, Switzerland. It’s very beautiful there.

  2. gabe says:

    I’veI really enjoyed your Kyiv posts. Back in ’04, I spent two weeks in Zhytomyr perusing former KGB files to find out what happened to my grandfather. (Shot in ’37 after troika trial). My mom had never known what had happened to him. I also found the remains of his windmill . . . after following the direction of an old woman in a small village. Ukraine is a fascinating country.

    • Wow, that’s an interesting mission indeed!
      I met a young guy in Kyiv who had also done some research in the KGB archives. Ukraine seems to be one of the countries where these archives are quite open and accessible. If I spoke the language, I could probably spend weeks there.

      And I have good news for all friends of Ukraine: I will be back in June, July and August, watching the same cats again!

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  4. I have been there befor and after restairation, impressive indeed.

  5. Try Dnepropetrovsk, also an impressive station and a City complectly close for foreigners în soviet time evan for other union citizenz because the secret over The main military industry developed over there. It’s lovely în May….

    • I am actually very interested in Dnepropetrovsk, also in Kharkiv, but I ran out of time and therefore had to go west again to get to Germany eventually. So, now I am in Odessa.
      But I will return to Ukraine in summer!

  6. deeess says:

    This made me think of you. Heard about it on you-fm this morning:

  7. I just saw updated footage from that splendid waiting hall at Kyiv Main Station.
    It has been turned into a shelter for people to warm up when they don’t have heat/electricity at home anymore:

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