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Bird update (2)

Thanks for asking about the little bird. It is doing great, not least due to my tender care. This was on day 2, already looking a bit more like a bird than it did before: Here some rare shots of mother … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Chinese moon landing is fake

The media are full with stories on a Chinese rover landing and driving around on the moon. In an exclusive scoop I have however uncovered that this whole story is a hoax and a swindle. Last night, when the moon … Continue reading

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Geeks are killing us

When the Canadian Police announced yesterday that they had arrested two terrorist suspects who had planned to derail a train, I immediately had a picture of them in my mind. A stereotypical picture, but one which is sadly too often … Continue reading

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A short introduction to Italian Criminal Law

In Italy, if you are suspected, accused and tried of bribery of businesses, politicians, judges and the tax authorities, Mafia connections, false accounting, false testimony, soliciting prostitution from underage girls, tax evasion, embezzlement, antitrust violations, drug trafficking, abuse of political … Continue reading

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Celebrations at NASA

This is what 2.5 billion $ get you at NASA: a room full of people hugging each other. And for that, you don’t even get cigars which used to be part of any proper NASA celebration.

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The Higgs Bosom

All the papers and news are full with reports about the “discovery” of the Higgs bosom. I don’t understand it. Not at all. First, it’s not like Rebekah Higgs was particularly hiding her bosom. Second, and no offence to Ms … Continue reading

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Functional Explanation in the Social Sciences

The first paper in my second-year module Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy as part of my MA in Philosophy had to address the following question: ‘Functional explanations are essential for the study of evolution. Evolutionary explanation through chance variation and … Continue reading

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My Conversation with Artificial Intelligence

Regular readers will know of my scepticism towards technology and especially of its permeation into all aspects of our lives. But from time to time, I will give technology a chance. This time, I have put Artificial Intelligence (AI) to … Continue reading

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Where have all the Thunderstorms gone?

Last night, the weather was sticky with sweltering heat and humidity. I left the windows open throughout the night, hoping to be awoken by a thunderstorm. Yes, I love thunderstorms. Actually I like all kind of storms. But a light … Continue reading

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If you don’t read my blog, you will die.

That caught your attention, didn’t it? And on the face of it, it’s true and backed up by facts and statistics: About 150,000 people died worldwide yesterday. Of these, none had read my blog yesterday. The few people who did … Continue reading

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