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Venta Micena – Day 5/30

I had gone out to take photos of the sunset. But when I turned around, I observed something far more rare and spectacular: the rise of the full moon, at exactly the same time as the sun was setting opposite. … Continue reading

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Full Moon over the Atlantic

Some extra advice for your next cruise: Book your cruise in a way that you will be in the middle of the Atlantic for full moon. You can spot the cruise novices because they overlook this detail when planning their itinerary.

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This blog has a lot of sunsets, some sunrises and a few photos of the moon. What has been lacking so far are photos of a moonrise. My father, who is the real photographer in the family, has captured one:

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Confusing the Sun and the Moon

As I went hiking to Lake Corani in Bolivia, I could be forgiven for confusing the sun, barely shining through threatening clouds like a spooky moon, on the one side, and the full moon on the other side, shining as bright as if … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Cochabamba

All photos were taken on Plaza 14 de Septiembre in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Obviously, anyone with a tripod could do a better job. If you want to know when the next full moon is, just ask one of the Incas. They … Continue reading

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Who ate the Moon?

The moment before the cloud monster swallows the moon:

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Exclusive: Chinese moon landing is fake

The media are full with stories on a Chinese rover landing and driving around on the moon. In an exclusive scoop I have however uncovered that this whole story is a hoax and a swindle. Last night, when the moon … Continue reading

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