Exclusive: Chinese moon landing is fake

The media are full with stories on a Chinese rover landing and driving around on the moon.

In an exclusive scoop I have however uncovered that this whole story is a hoax and a swindle. Last night, when the moon stood large and bright in the sky over Italy, I snuck out and – dodging Chinese agents who tried to prevent me from uncovering the truth – took this photo of the moon (click twice to enlarge):

moon 16Dec2013

Now, do you see any spacecraft? Any moon rover? Any Chinese flag? No. Me neither. Go out tonight and take a look yourself. I bet you won’t find any sign of a moon landing either. But at least you’ll get a beautiful view of Earth’s satellite.

(The photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix L120 and without a tripod, but with the steady hand of a sniper. – Diese exklusive Enthüllung ist natürlich auch auf Deutsch zu lesen.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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28 Responses to Exclusive: Chinese moon landing is fake

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  2. dino bragoli says:

    Ahh… I thought Jade Rabbit was a strange name, my wife has one and it’s not a Lunar vehicle…

    • Bob the builder says:

      It is called the Jade Rabbit because of the Chinese Myth that A rabbit lives on the moon as the moon goddess’ pet. You have to actually read/hear the story.

  3. Bob the builder says:

    And how exactly are you supposed to see something smaller than a house from over 200,000 miles away?

    • If you click on the photo, you can enlarge it. It’s almost like orbiting the moon in a spacecraft.

    • dino bragoli says:

      The moon doesn’t only affect the tide.

    • Bob the builder says:

      The stupid….it hurts….

    • Bob the builder says:

      This was the first thing that I saw and it gave me a very bad perspective of you, no offence …but the rest of what you do is interesting and cool and you should probably stick to talking about your travels.

    • Honestly, the whole thing was only an excuse to post the photo I took of the moon. As you suggested, I’ll write more on my travels in Sicily soon. And then I also have to catch up on writing about my last trips to Scotland, Estonia, Latvia and the Channel Islands. Lots of work that will prevent me from discussing anything to do with space exploration.

    • dino bragoli says:

      I’ll problably consider that if it was my blog, it isn’t, I only left a couple of tongue in cheek comments….

    • August Drawers says:

      Well I don’t see any American Flag either so?… But yeah seriously its 200,000 miles away…

    • Aubrey Harness says:

      I saw it. It was parked next to a 7-11 store. You just have to put the picture in photoshop and zoom in to 2500%.

  4. radius says:

    Hi Andreas, you forgot that half of the moons surface is invisible from the earth perspective. I think the Chinese never mentioned that they intend to land on the side that faces the earth, right ? In fact, the second hemisphere of the moon (facing away from earth) would be much more suitable for a safe landing, since its surface is much smoother. So maybe the Chinese were clever to minimize risk of a crash landing by choosing the opposite side. This, however, would make communication with the earth-based mission control center very difficult (“Bejing, we have a problem”).
    And don’t be confused by Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon”: There is no permanent dark side – each place on moon, whether its facing earth or not, experiences a regular day-night-intervall. The difference to earth, however, is that there are about 14 days uninterrupted sunlight followed by the same period of darkness.
    How did you made the photograph ? Don’t tell me it was a smartphone camera ! Did you use a camera tripod and special lenses ?

    • I actually used a rather small, inexpensive camera, a Nikon Coolpix L120. As I have no tripod, I had to keep my hand really steady. It took a few attempts, but it finally worked. I have such steady hands that I could be a sniper.

    • Goda says:

      Or a surgeon…

  5. radius says:

    Maybe the Chinese were inspired by the crazy movie “Iron Sky” to land on the invisible side of the moon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py_IndUbcxc).

  6. MJ says:

    I think that you, sir, is a moron…
    go fly on a plane, and go 3000 feet above ground and let me know what you see
    how would you expect to see a tiny little thing from thousands of miles away???
    Don’t tell me to click twice on the moon picture! go on google earth and tell me how many times you have to zoom in to actually be able to see something as small as a car or a small house!
    from a plane, we can see little details as we start to descend only when houses and cars are visible
    so once again, you, sir, are a moron…get a hobby

    • dino bragoli says:

      What about if you really focused, would you then be able to see the landing site?
      I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    • But the moon is different because the background is white. If earth was white and there was only big humvee with an even bigger Chinese flag, you’d easily see it.

  7. dino bragoli says:

    “Mass shooting on the Moon by 2055” NASA has just declared in a press release.
    Do you think they might be envious of the Chinese?

  8. wow look at these comments!

    successful troll is successful =]

  9. AdamC says:

    Please do not use your Nikon L120 camera photos and accuse China fake the moon landing. It make no sense at all. It has been verified by NASA.

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  11. Mike Stimmell says:

    It’s a joke. . Humor. . Funny. . not to be taken seriously. . I hope this helps..

  12. Dickstr says:


  13. Dickstr says:

    I can not believe the comments after he said it was a joke early on.

    • I learned from that article. From then on, I didn’t reveal anymore what is a joke and what not. It’s fun to watch people become completely agitated.

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