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Holy Che

In Latin American shrines, the image of Jesus is sometimes replaced by an icon of Che Guevara. Catholicism and Socialism apparently can be reconciled. Photographed in a hostel in Villa Tunari in Bolivia.

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The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations

This is something for my fellow international public law nerds. Q: When does the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations make front-page headlines? A: When there is a petty argument between Bolivia and Chile about the flag in front of the … Continue reading

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The Vice President explains the Telenovela

In most countries, the job of Vice President is limited to sitting around and waiting for the President to die. In Bolivia, the Vice President’s job includes explaining the cast of the country’s leading telenovela. Which is a tough job, because there … Continue reading

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Evo, don’t take it personally.

Photographed in Cochabamba on the day of the referendum, in which a majority of Bolivians rejected a constitutional amendment that would have allowed President Evo Morales to run for a fourth consecutive term: “Evo, I love you. Forgive me.”

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The Referendum in Bolivia is actually not important

In less than two hours, the polls will close in Bolivia. Soon thereafter, the result of the constitutional referendum will be announced. Half of the country will be happy, half of the country will be sad. Some people will dance, … Continue reading

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Video Blog: NO campaign in Santa Cruz

It was Sunday evening, I was sitting in the central square of Santa Cruz in Bolivia, resting from the half marathon which I had run earlier that day. It was Valentine’s Day and of course I was by myself, when I suddenly … Continue reading

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Personality Cult in Bolivia

It is not as bad as in dictatorships, but for a democracy, the personality cult surrounding President Evo Morales is quite strong. At Cochabamba airport, you already see a huge poster of the president from the tarmac, and all over the country, … Continue reading

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