Free T-Shirts vs Self-Made Costumes

Handing out free T-shirts is one way of getting people to campaign for you. So done by the campaign for the constitutional amendment which would allow the renewed re-election of President Morales in Bolivia.

This was outside the bus/train station in Santa Cruz. Some guys showed up with a huge supply of T-shirts and immediately a long line formed.

SI t-shirts.JPG

That’s one way to run campaigns. But my impression was that the people of the “SI” campaign were often rather lackluster, just standing around in groups and talking among themselves.

The “NO” campaigns I have seen in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz seemed to be more grass-root organized, more energetic, with more authentic conviction (and sometimes anger). Take this father and his son, who asked me to take their photo at the rally of the “NO” campaign in Santa Cruz, and their self-made costume for example (although the “NO” campaign also offered pre-printed T-shirts of course).

NO father son

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