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The Stages of Protest in Bolivia

I have fallen so much for Bolivia that it’s hard to say what I like most. But the lively political and social debates, the culture of discussion, the broad interest in questions that concern all of society, the readiness to … Continue reading

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Peace Camp at Parliament Square in London

I wonder if the participants of the “Peace Camp” at Parliament Square in London have ever noticed the irony of protesting against all kinds of wars under the amused eyes of Winston Churchill. The “Peace Camp” is a continuous protest … Continue reading

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Update: UNESCO World Philosophy Day in Iran cancelled

I had already commented about UNESCO’s decision to hold this year’s World Philosophy Congress in Iran and about how Iran thanked UNESCO for this. Apparently, the worldwide protest against UNESCO that ensued has had quite some effect: UNESCO has now … Continue reading

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Why I will join the protests on June 12th.

Saturday June 12th will mark the first anniversary of the rigged Iranian elections. The blatant electoral fraud sparked protests throughout Iran which the Iranian regime only managed to crush by remorseless force. The brutality of the crackdown opened the world’s … Continue reading

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