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Wedding Crashers

You know the movie Wedding Crashers? It’s about two guys whose pick-up strategy consists of attending weddings, even when not invited, because that’s where single women are desperate and in a romantic mood. I had to think of that when … Continue reading

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A tree who barks doesn’t bite

I am not sure if this is normal for this kind of tree or if it’s sick. The bark came off in several layers, revealing red wood underneath. (Photographed on the hike from Laguna Wara Wara to Cochabamba in Bolivia.)

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Full Moon in Cochabamba

All photos were taken on Plaza 14 de Septiembre in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Obviously, anyone with a tripod could do a better job. If you want to know when the next full moon is, just ask one of the Incas. They … Continue reading

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Color Copies

The way this sign has been hand-painted, somewhat askew and oblique, may give an indication as to how the advertised color copies will be produced. (Photographed in Calle Sucre in Cochabamba, Bolivia.)

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A Bird on top of the Bird

The big one is the Andean condor from the Bolivian coat of arms. The small bird is thinking: “You may be big and strong and famous, but I am free to fly wherever I want.” (Photographed at Plaza 14 de Septiembre … Continue reading

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Where can you still find Postcards?

To add an element of crowdfunding to this blog, I promised a postcard from South America to every contributor. Only when the first donations came in, I realized how hard it has become in 2016 to find postcards. Only 10 … Continue reading

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Photo Studio in Bolivia

Around the office in Cochabamba, where I have to go every month to extend my Bolivian visa, there are all kinds of merchants and service providers: food, drinks, copies, foreign currencies, pens, flight tickets, you can get anything here. And for those who … Continue reading

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Food in Cochabamba

Some of you have been asking what we eat in Bolivia. A lot and rather unhealthy, I always answered. Now there is a video to illustrate what I meant with that. Cochabamba is known as the culinary capital of Bolivia, but … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Victory Party of the NO campaign in Bolivia

Going for a walk in Cochabamba last night, a few hours after the polls had closed, I came past Plaza de las Banderas where a small group of supporters of the NO campaign, the campaign against granting President Evo Morales of Bolivia the … Continue reading

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Evo, don’t take it personally.

Photographed in Cochabamba on the day of the referendum, in which a majority of Bolivians rejected a constitutional amendment that would have allowed President Evo Morales to run for a fourth consecutive term: “Evo, I love you. Forgive me.”

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