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Cerro Rico: The Mountain that eats Men

Hier gibt es diesen Artikel auf Deutsch. My breathing is heavy. Never before have I been to a place as high in altitude – at about 4,300 meters – and as low in oxygen. But neither can I rest, nor can I … Continue reading

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Who gets to travel?

At the hostel La Casona in Potosí, Bolivia, there was this world map in the reception office, indicating where many of the visitors had come from. (Click to enlarge.) It’s obvious that many Bolivians would travel within their own country, … Continue reading

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What is the SS Marching Band doing in Bolivia?

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. On average, you are awoken by marching bands in Bolivia twice per week and at least once per week you will be prevented from falling asleep at night by a marching band and fireworks. I generally like … Continue reading

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Lady Liberty in Bolivia

Not only New York has a Statue of Liberty. So does Potosí in Bolivia. This one is no replica of the famous sister, but an original creation in its own right. Yet sisters they are, for they have the same … Continue reading

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My next trip: Sucre and Potosí

This week I will finally travel to Sucre, the city in Bolivia where I originally wanted to move (although I very much love it here in Cochabamba now). I hope I won’t be completely blinded by the famous whiteness of the … Continue reading

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