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Random Thoughts (20)

If you care neither about the deficit, nor about providing public services, it’s actually quite easy to cut taxes. When I saw books by Džon Grišam at the bookshop in Montenegro, I was happy that my name wouldn’t have to be … Continue reading

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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Hier geht es zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. Hidden in the labyrinth of the Old City of Jerusalem, it looks rather unimpressive from the outside. You could almost walk past the church that was built over the spot of Jesus’ crucifixion … Continue reading

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Jesus is my neighbor

Once you know that Nazaré, the name of the part of Salvador where I stayed for two weeks, is the Portuguese form of Nazareth, it may surprise you less that Mr Jesus was my neighbor.

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Fan Mail: “I will pray for you”

Some of the most annoying mails I receive are from people who believe they need to pray for me or belittle my decision to be an atheist in other ways, usually in a condescending tone. This one is just the latest … Continue reading

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Jesus is my Follower

I wasn’t aware what kind of important people were following my Twitter account until one of my tweets was retweeted by none less than Jesus himself. Jesus apparently liked this post from my German blog. Now you know what you … Continue reading

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My Big Fat Gay Wedding

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Jesus appeared on my Handkerchief

Ever since the Shroud of Turin, Jesus has appeared on everything, from pizzas to toasts to chocolate bars to the smoke of the World Trade Center attacks. “Allegedly”, I used to add, because in my mind these images always owed … Continue reading

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