Fan Mail: “I will pray for you”

Some of the most annoying mails I receive are from people who believe they need to pray for me or belittle my decision to be an atheist in other ways, usually in a condescending tone.

This one is just the latest example:

praying for me

You should stop praying for me, because

– there is no god,

– your god doesn’t have jurisdiction over me because I didn’t vote for him/her/it,

praying doesn’t help (Or did you already find your boyfriend, dream job and the pot of gold? And why are all your relatives dying of cancer?),

– it’s very presumptuous of you to believe that you know better what is good for me than I know myself.

Lastly, if you want to pray to and believe in someone, you are welcome to worship me. I am at least real. But please don’t send any more e-mails.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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18 Responses to Fan Mail: “I will pray for you”

  1. G says:

    That’s what’s the beauty of it is God still loves you even if you don’t believe!

    • That’s even worse crap.

      When did which god tell you that? In what exact words? What language did he/she/it speak? Or was it in an e-mail?

      Claiming to be in contact with god and to know what he/she/it thinks could be blasphemy, I believe. Watch out for stones! In any case, it’s a serious psychological disorder.

    • And why do none of you god people ever pray for proper grammar, syntax and punctuation?

    • Mikey says:


    • Which one? The Muslim god? Mithra? Either way, don’t worry, I’m sure there are Muslims praying for you too…

  2. Lou-ter-Lou says:

    … and on the seventh day, man created (a) god…
    hear hear :-D
    (I could worship you for that grammar/syntax/punctuation comment, though ^_^)

  3. studio6464 says:

    good bye

  4. G says:

    He still loves you cupcake!

  5. religionerased says:

    Haha, I just typed up a quick post on a tribe that worships Prince Philip… If the guy that emailed decided to worship you he can be guaranteed a reply! Human gods are more respectful…

  6. No god, no master, no country – hear hear – brave post in this age of fanatical and inexplicable faith in concepts created by the cobbling together of bits of ancient manuscripts that suited the brand and a long list of notoriously dubious statements of “fact” from “scholars” at synods #delusional

  7. List of X says:

    If Jesus is so great, why is “Jesus is true” followed by a frowny face?

  8. “Lastly, if you want to pray to and believe in someone, you are welcome to worship me”.

    Well, I do believe in God – but at least this was funny…

    • I never understand this. How can people believe in something they have never seen, and when I tell them that it’s me, they don’t believe it? Now I know how Jesus felt.

    • I have never seen oxygen either ;-)
      Seriously, though, it’s impossible to argue about belief. Either you have faith, or you don’t. Unlike Christianity and Islam – Judaism doesn’t require that you believe in God in order to get to heaven :-) It is your deeds that count, not what you believe.

    • Oxygen is easy to be measured, weighed and even felt. Just enclose yourself (or someone else, if you don’t trust in a god) in an air-tight room for long enough.

      Nobody goes to heaven, of course. It’s a made-up concept to motivate people beyond incentives and punishments applied during their lifetime.
      If you don’t believe in a god, but you believe that you will go to heaven for “good deeds”, then WHO makes the decision about what is “good” and whether you go to heaven? You yourself? Coincidence? A committee? The callers to the Eurovision contest?

  9. Dominik says:

    Andreas, its simple to explain why its easy and from my point logical to believe in god:
    You cannot prove the existance of god, neither can you prove the nonexistance. Thus, both believes are possible. The question is what is more probable, and here we need to state that science cannot explain how materia was created from nothing. As long as this is its logical to believe in higher existance. This view does not include the believe that god intervens into the worlds run (Deism).
    Please dont be so focused on right or wrong and tolerate other believes as they are also legit.

    • Just because science cannot (yet) explain everything doesn’t make it logical to believe another theory which cannot explain anything at all. Who created god?

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