The Referendum in Bolivia is actually not important

In less than two hours, the polls will close in Bolivia. Soon thereafter, the result of the constitutional referendum will be announced. Half of the country will be happy, half of the country will be sad. Some people will dance, others will cry. Some will light fireworks, others will jump from the balcony.

My dear Bolivian friends, it’s really not worth it! Don’t get hung up by the result, and even more so, don’t hang yourself because of it. Don’t let it strain friendships or relationships.


  • If you are on the SI side and the NO side won, don’t worry: MAS will still be able to put up another candidate at the next election who will propose to continue the politics of Evo Morales. The agenda of MAS does not depend on one person. It’s a large party and they have plenty of people. If not, you can run for President yourself.
  • If you are on the NO side and the SI side won, don’t worry: It doesn’t mean that President Morales will get another term, it just means there will be another election with him as a candidate. But there are plenty of able opposition parties and candidates who can run again him and by no means is the next election a sure thing for anyone. If necessary, you can run for President yourself.

Now let’s all be happy that the alcohol ban will be lifted on Monday.

And if there are reports of election fraud, then both the SI and the NO voters should unite, demand an investigation and prosecution if warranted. Because anyone who commits fraud in an election or a referendum displays blatant disrespect to voters from both sides. The integrity of democracy is far more important than the outcome of the referendum, particularly on such a relatively minor question. The Bolivians who gave their lives and their liberty in the fight for democracy didn’t fight for the question of two or three or four presidential terms. They fought for free and fair elections, regardless of the outcome. Let’s not forget this priority.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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4 Responses to The Referendum in Bolivia is actually not important

  1. Lou-ter-Lou says:

    Yesterday was the day, what is the outcome? Si or No? And how did you experience it? (I’m a lazy Googler, I know…)

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