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Nobel Peace Prize 2013 – four perspectives

10 December 2013, Oslo, Norway: The hitherto largely unknown Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) receives the Nobel Peace Prize, is happy about the free publicity, the effects of which surpass those of all its previous image campaigns, … Continue reading

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The Phone Call from Russia

He loved getting calls from Russia. The international country code was 007. He always wondered what had come first: the assigning of that dialing code to the Soviet Union or the first James Bond novel. He knew that the latter had … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam (5) Edward Snowden

“Hi”, said the guy, “I am the spy from Hawaii, but I had to get away.   I went to Hong Kong, but I couldn’t stay long.   I am still a spy and I would like to fly to … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (29) Spies, cold and warm

The spy who came in from the cold: The spy who wants to go to a warm country:

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Easily Confused (27) Whistleblowers

Whistleblower (will be prosecuted): Whistleblower (won’t be prosecuted):

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