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Divorce? Let’s celebrate!

Zur deutschen Fassung. The counseling service of the feminist organization Mujeres Creando in La Paz in Bolivia not only offers advice and help, but also a place to celebrate your divorce. I always thought it made more sense to celebrate freedom instead … Continue reading

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The Truth about Divorce Statistics

There are plenty of figures, numbers and statistics about marriage and divorce, some of them even more conflicting than an arguing couple. To know the truth, you only need to know these two statistics about divorce: The divorce rate would … Continue reading

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The Second Most Important Investment Advice

My second most important investment advice: Don’t save anything while you are married. When you get divorced, your wife will take half of it. Most of the rest will go to lawyers. Don’t forget to have a look at my … Continue reading

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Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Isn’t it obvious that Prince William had been waiting with his engagement to Kate Middleton until the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ruled that prenuptial agreements are now also recognised by English courts? Smart guy.

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10 FAQ on Divorce in Germany

I have noticed that I receive many e-mails with the same questions, so I have started to post the most frequent questions – and of course the answers to them – for everyone to read for free. As this section might … Continue reading

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