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Divorce? Let’s celebrate!

The counseling service of the feminist organization Mujeres Creando in La Paz in Bolivia not only offers advice and help, but also a place to celebrate your divorce. I always thought it made more sense to celebrate freedom instead of its loss. … Continue reading

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If you don’t read my blog, you will die.

That caught your attention, didn’t it? And on the face of it, it’s true and backed up by facts and statistics: About 150,000 people died worldwide yesterday. Of these, none had read my blog yesterday. The few people who did … Continue reading

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The real explanation for the gender pay gap

Women have consistently been earning less than men, even in highly developed countries, and even in 2011. This is still true in most industries, even for women with the same qualifications as men. (For the related topic of female under-representation … Continue reading

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10 FAQ on divorce in Germany

I have noticed that I receive many e-mails with the same questions, so I have started to post the most frequent questions – and of course the answers to them – for everyone to read for free. As this section might … Continue reading

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