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Christmas in Brazil

Wearing shorts in front of a Christmas tree. What climate change has only recently made possible in Central Europe is normal in Brazil. I still don’t get any real Christmas feeling in the tropics, despite all the festooned roads and … Continue reading

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The Economics of Christmas

Christmas Presents On first sight, presents sound like a wonderful thing. You receive a surprise or something that you had always wanted, and you receive it for free. An economic benefit, surely. But it’s not that simple, because most people … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Târgu Mureș at Christmas

I already described and documented photographically the Christmas lights in Târgu Mureș, where I currently live, which got a bit out of hand and strained the national electricity network. Bogdan Nasca could easily top that because he has a camera which can fly and … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights

When I first saw the Christmas lights in the center of Târgu Mureș, I felt reminded of Las Vegas. Glitzy, flashy, shining, pompous, they turn night into day. Cheesy Christmas songs emanate from the public loudspeakers which had once been installed … Continue reading

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How Santa Claus really travels

Did you also wonder how Santa Claus can ride all around the world with his reindeer-powered sledge? And whether he would really do that in the freezing cold? And how he could transport all these presents with one sledge? Well, … Continue reading

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Why I hate Christmas. (Or used to.)

This is a Christmas blog I wrote several years ago. I guess I have become calmer in the meantime. I still don’t like Christmas, but now I just ignore it. So, I wouldn’t write any longer what you will read … Continue reading

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The Pope in Britain. What kind of a “state visit” is this?

Much has been written about the costs of at least 12 million £ that British taxpayers will be stuck with for the “state visit” by the Pope to the UK in September 2010. The argument that British taxpayers should not … Continue reading

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