Christmas Lights

When I first saw the Christmas lights in the center of Târgu Mureș, I felt reminded of Las Vegas. Glitzy, flashy, shining, pompous, they turn night into day. Cheesy Christmas songs emanate from the public loudspeakers which had once been installed for the regular disbursement of communist wisdom. Horse-drawn sledges pull children around Piața Trandafirilor, while their (the children’s, not the horses’) parents get tipsy on vin fiert (mulled wine).

Targu Mures Christmas 1 Targu Mures Christmas 2 Targu Mures Christmas 3 Targu Mures Christmas 4 Targu Mures Christmas 5 Targu Mures Christmas 6 Targu Mures Christmas 7

Meanwhile, some villages not too far away have regular power outages or no electricity at all. There, children wouldn’t (and couldn’t) pay for a 15-minute ride with a horse. They have to use them every day, for lack of cars or even roads.


Romania, a country of contrasts. Good that mayors and city councils have got their priorities right. And how convenient that some electricity companies are owned by the Romanian Orthodox Church, so that all the money earned will be used for a good purpose, like building more churches with yet more lights to shine.

(Hier geht es zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels.)


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6 Responses to Christmas Lights

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  2. I like your comments about Romanian politicos and the church – seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. The building covered with lights reminds me of the old Chevy Chase movie “Christmas Vacation.” which is one of the few movies I ever thought worthy of watching more than once. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you and a happy new year to you!

      I hope to write an article one day about all the new churches being built. It’s crazy. As you drive around the countryside, even in otherwise poor villages, huge cathedrals spring up. Paid for by the state with funds collected from religious and atheist taxpayers.

  3. BBC stated that every 3 days there’s a new church built in Romania. So good luck with that article!

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