Bari tonight

I wanted to go outside to take a few photos of fans during the football match Italy versus England, but then I got held up by the moonlit Norman-Swabian Castle:


Just in time before the end of the first half, I finally got going towards the square on Victor-Emanuel-Boulevard, where a second league match of the local club AS Bari was shown on the big screen last week.

Not knowing much about football and not being terribly interested in it either, I concluded that wherever a second league match is being shown in public there will surely be a live screening of the national team during a World Cup. I was wrong.

A yawning void. Only a poster: “Bari says thanks to Bari.”

Bari ringrazia la Bari

Pondering how to thank oneself and if it doesn’t lead to a confusion of rights if thanker and thankee are identical, I walked around the city a bit longer. Nowhere could I find any big screen, only a few small flat-screen TV sets outside of some restaurants, but that wasn’t spectacular enough for me.

Through deserted streets and filled with disappointment, I walked home. Italy won 2:1.

(Zur deutschen Fassung.)

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9 Responses to Bari tonight

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  2. Expat Eye says:

    What a shame! I loved the idea in Berlin – turning the stadium into a living room :)

  3. Tickets bought for November :D Can’t wait, hope it won’t rain!

    • Excellent! How much time do you have?

    • It’s just a short weekend unfortunately. (3 days) But I’m really looking forward to it :D

    • Oh, then I shouldn’t recommend too many day trips. If you have to pick one, I would recommend Alberobello where a whole section of town consists of a very peculiar building style. A second one would be Matera where people used to live in caves until not too long ago (1950s, I think).

      Bari has very good train connections to all surrounding areas, so it’s easy to organize day trips.

      And on the way back, you could take the ferry to Montenegro, then the train from Bar to Belgrade, and swoosh, you have a train back to Targu Mures via Timisoara.

    • Alberobello and Matera are the two day trips in mind so your advice is spot on :D I think we’ll catch the plane back though ☺

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