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Video Blog: Giro d’Italia 2014

I just went outside to see why the neighbors are playing opera music and the national anthem and banging wooden sticks on baking trays and pots. The police came by in ever increasing numbers, trying to stop or at least contain the … Continue reading

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Remember that Country?

I wonder if the ferry will split into 7 different boats once it’s in the Adriatic Sea, with the boats fighting each other for a few years before eventually all entering some EU port. (Photographed in Bari, Italy in May 2014. … Continue reading

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Flowers on Graves

“We actually don’t care if our relatives will pay us a visit and put flowers on our graves. Nature is taking care of this already.” (Photographed at the cemetery of Bari in Italy.)

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Bari by night

Don’t expect a full report about Bari by night. This is merely the photographic journey along one of my jogging routes, which I preferably run in the evening when both traffic and heat have subsided and then the colors of the illuminated … Continue reading

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Video: Liberation of Italy

I did not catch the actual liberation of Italy from the Nazis and Fascists in World War II on video, admittedly. But yesterday, on 25 April, the 69th anniversary of that event was commemorated. Of course Italy was not liberated in … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Car Bomb in Bari

It always happens, wherever I move. As soon as I settle in, somebody tries to get rid of me already. A few minutes ago, a car bomb exploded outside of my house in Bari, Italy. Luckily, it happened during lunchtime … Continue reading

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Moving to Bari

After six months in Sicily, I have come to love this island, which surprised me with its diversity, fascinating landscapes, beautiful cities, interesting islands, great food and genuinely friendly and humorous people. It became home immediately. But it’s time to … Continue reading

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