Bike Theft in Italy

My flatmates in Bari carry their heavy bicycles up to the second floor every day, which I always dismissed as somewhat over-anxious.

But then I witnessed how rampant bike theft is here. Look at these gangs of thieves who are getting away with dozens of bicycles. This is not some random heist, this is organized crime. And the worst thing: the police just stand there, doing nothing.

bicycle theft

(Photographed during the Giro d’Italia 2014 in Bari.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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3 Responses to Bike Theft in Italy

  1. dino bragoli says:

    Some people would steal the wax out of their Grandmother’s ears!

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