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Cats of Lost Places

There are so many “lost places” photographers, I needed to find my own niche. I opted for lost places that are ruled by cats, like this empty villa in Guben, Germany. Links: More cats. And if you are into lost … Continue reading

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Smuggling Cigars into Poland

Zur deutschen Fassung. At the German-Polish border, there is plenty of police right now. What are they looking for, I wonder and ask. Cigarette smugglers, says the female officer, while her two male colleagues are ostentatiously of the opinion that … Continue reading

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The Situation on the German-Polish Border

Zur deutschen Fassung. As you know, I consider timeliness to be overrated, which is why my report from Guben will be written sometime in the next few weeks or months. But I do not want to withhold the current dramatic … Continue reading

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Guben 2021

Zur deutschen Fassung. Dark, fog-shrouded streets. Police cars driving by every minute. Autumn leaves shimmering in the glow of the street lights. Only a few cars are sneaking through the streets, turning off their engines and lights as soon as … Continue reading

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