Should I go to a bullfight?

Hier gibt es diese Frage auf Deutsch.

Today in Huéscar, I saw this poster.


I was a bit shocked because I didn’t know there were still bullfights. After all, Pope Pius V had already banned them in 1567. Since then, we call the Pope’s edicts “papal bulls”.

Now, I am in two minds.

On the one hand, I detest spectacles like that and don’t want to support them. Also, I am really worried that I would get sick or faint. (I fainted in the first-aid course and I can’t even watch horror movies, and by that, I mean those with a PG-13 rating.)

On the other hand, as a blogger, I am your eyes and ears in this world. My own feelings and my subsequent nightmares are less important than your right to first-hand reporting.

So, I am asking for your opinion on this matter. Just write “yes” or “no” in the comment field below, with an explanation if you want. As the whole thing costs a whopping 18 €, with no student discount given (although there is one for children under the age of 14, and am I the only one who finds that sick?), I am also thankful for any donation to my blog. You will receive a personal postcard, probably splattered with blood.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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34 Responses to Should I go to a bullfight?

  1. David says:


    Explanation: see Efraim kishon’s piece on bullfighting

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  3. Sydney says:

    No! No! No! By attending, you are financially funding this horror and thus directly contributing to the continuation of this cruel, disgusting event.

  4. deeess says:

    As distasteful as I find it as well, it would be interesting to read any piece you write on the subject. Of course, if you got a photo or two of a matador being gored, whilst not ending any better for the bull, it would bring a slight element of ‘Devil’s punishment’ as my mom would say when I got hurt doing something stupid and inane.

    • deeess says:

      Also would be interesting to hear what companies like Citroen and Hyundai have to say, being somewhat associated with this, albeit just through and agent of sorts

  5. Mai says:

    NO No noooo!
    Explanation: it’s sick, disgusting, horrible, cruel and insane!

  6. Meredith says:

    No! We, your esteemed blog recipients excuse you from this travesty.

  7. DANSON Jacqueline says:

    No. No. And no! x

  8. No, definitely no! Your eyes and ears in that bullring won’t inform or entertain us they will only succeed in supporting this cruel spectacle! Please don’t go!!!

  9. No. Eating animals, owning them as pets, or making them fight are all unethical.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. No, you shouldn’t. It’s not Really fun for the animals…

  12. David says:

    since all commentors have voted no, I’m getting the feeling that Andreas will go specifically to be different…

    • While I was anticipating a closer vote, I am actually impressed by the clear moral compass that most of my readers have. Also, there have been quite a number of arguments against going.
      I have some “middle ground” solution in my mind, for now.

  13. You don’t seem to me as somebody who pays so much attention to other people opinions, and I will not write what you should do. I had a chance once and I didn’t. I hate it and don’t get “the greatness” of it.

  14. No estoy de acuerdo con un espectáculo en que un animal asustado y acorralado es cobardemente torturado por mucho tiempo hasta ser muerto alevosamente por un hombre colaborado por toda una cuadrilla de cómplices. Es un acto de barbarie y crueldad sin límites. Eso no puede llamarse cultural.

    • Estoy completamente de acuerdo! – La única razón para venir sería por un artículo que seguramente sería muy critico.

  15. Travel Muse says:

    Go only if you enjoy watching another living thing being tortured and killed for your entertainment. Tell me, if they still had gladiator battles to the death between men in the Roman Forum, would you attend?

    I, myself, have been to a bullfight, when I was much younger and under pressure, and didn’t enjoy it one bit.

    • Oh no, I don’t believe for a second that I would enjoy it! (And I would be deeply worried if I did. In fact, I am quite troubled by the knowledge that so many people in Spain find bullfights normal or even exciting.)

      The only reason I would go, would be to write a scathing article about it. Like a war correspondent, in a way.

  16. List of X says:

    I will not be original in saying no, but while the subject of animal cruelty had came up a lot,I have to add that I personally found it boring. I don’t know what it would look like where you are, but when I saw a bullfight, it was actually a series of 6 bullfights, each one following more or less the same ritual, which is maybe interesting the first time, but it repeats 5 more times – so I left the stadium sometime during the third one.
    Maybe you could sneak into the venue sometime during the 5th fight for free….

    • That’s very practical advice!
      Ephraim Kishon, who was mentioned by another reader here, felt the same and walked out early.

  17. Snart says:

    I wouldn’t make a recomendation and at the same time I believe that curiosity wins over prejudice. How would you know how unappealing to your own values it is if you do not experience it? Because someone told you so?

    • Well, I think some things we simply know because the imagination and the thought of it is already so unappealing. For example, I am quite certain I would never want to witness an execution or never want to visit a slaughterhouse.

  18. Snart says:

    There are extreams, you are right.

  19. No! Please! I don’t understand why people that like this cruelty.

    • I don’t understand it either, not at all. I would only have been curious for journalistic reasons, but I am certain my article would be quite negative. – But the “No” vote won, like in the referendum in Bolivia. ;-)

  20. deeess says:

    Tu postal llegó hoy. Muchas gracias!

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