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Red Star

“OK, we’ll tear down the old houses, put up a high-rise building and sell expensive apartments. Long live capitalism! But don’t touch the monument with the Red Star, comrades!” (Photographed in Tivat, Montenegro.)

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An Airport is Born

Mexico City needs a new airport like it needs more people, but somebody managed to convince someone else that they needed to spend $9.15 billion (an amount which will of course double or treble, as with any other public procurement … Continue reading

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Don’t build this modern stuff!

Belgrade has some beautiful old architecture. The main train station is just one of many examples. Unfortunately, somebody thought that Belgrade needs “modern architecture”. Thus, the whole city will be blown up to build something which is neither Serbian, nor Eastern … Continue reading

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Sad Things (9) BND palm tree

One of two alibi trees in front of an ugly concrete block which will house the BND, Germany’s Intelligence Service, in Berlin. This one tree is even worse than if there was no tree at all. It’s like rubbing it … Continue reading

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If I described it to you, you would think it was ugly.

If you asked me “how was your day today?”, I could tell you that it is still winter, it is terribly cold, a snowstorm has been ravaging all day, I live in a Soviet-era apartment block made out of pre-fabricated … Continue reading

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