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Film review: “Parasite”

Usually, I am a few decades late with my film reviews, but this time, I manage to recommend a movie that is still playing in cinemas: Parasite. A cleverly constructed thriller, fast-paced, humorous, but also a social critique. Too much … Continue reading

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The Disadvantage of the Home Office

Or should I say the disadvantage of having children, a family, or anyone else living at your house?

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Easily Confused (20) Two Koreas

South Koreans acting in a silly and uncontrolled way: – – – North Koreans acting in a silly but controlled way: – – – Imagining a combination of these two styles makes me afraid of Korean unification.

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Plastic Surgery Statistics

While browsing charts and graphs about property bubbles and purchasing power parity, I came across this chart in The Economist which shows how much plastic surgery is performed in the following countries. There is a lot to be said about … Continue reading

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Easily Confused # 17 – Gangnam Style

The video of people moving in a weird way which I found funny in 1970: – – – The video of people moving in a weird way which people found funny in 2012:

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Why North Korea is Mourning

The world wondered why North Koreans were weeping, crying, sobbing and mourning the late dictator Kim Jong Il‘s death on 17 December 2011. After all, he had oppressed and starved them for 17 years. See for yourself how North Koreans … Continue reading

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