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British Prime Minister in support of EU

Yes, that’s Margaret Thatcher. The photo is from 1975 when there was a referendum on whether the UK should stay in the European Community. Margaret Thatcher was the leader of the Conservative Party back then. Given what she wears, I don’t … Continue reading

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10 FAQ on Freedom of Movement in the EU

As part of my very popular series of legal FAQ, I now address a subject which can often help to resolve immigration cases which seem hopeless under national immigration law: the right to freedom of movement within the EU. Before … Continue reading

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Is Albania already in the EU?

Not yet. Only in June 2014 Albania received the official status as a candidate for accession to the EU. Now the negotiations will start for real, and this process usually takes years. Travelling through Albania, one might however gain a different … Continue reading

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Sad Things (11) David Cameron

Being Prime Minister of a quickly disintegrating country which has been a member state of the European Union since 1973, but who still doesn’t understand how the Union works.

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What China can and can’t do

So the European Union imposed tariffs against Chinese solar panels. This is quite interesting, as it shows us what China can and can’t do, in the eyes of the European Union and its member states. What China can do without … Continue reading

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Easily Confused, # 15 – UK Foreign Policy

Britain overplaying its hand in the Suez Crisis in 1956: Britain overplaying its hand at a EU summit in 2012:

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The EU is finally a World Power

You know you have reached the level of world power when your flags get burned in the streets. America, step aside – here comes the EU. Now if only the protesters in Greece could explain what they want to express … Continue reading

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The Personification of Greek Austerity

Greece first cooked its books to enter the Eurozone, then used cheap credit to live beyond its means. A profligate pact by the Greek government and the Greek people expanded the state and ran up deficits and debt. With a … Continue reading

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