Did you notice the Irony? (9) Egypt

Egypt continues to be not only a source of bad news and sad news, but also of ironic twists and turns.

= = =

So the Egyptian military now imposed martial law. This includes a curfew in Cairo and 10 other provinces and restores the military’s right to arrest anyone and hold them in detention indefinitely. That’s bad.

But I don’t see what it changes.

It seems to me that the Egyptian military could depose a democratically elected president, arrest him, hold him at an undisclosed location and yesterday, on one day alone, kill around 500 people who had taken part in a peaceful protest camp – all without martial law.

Dear Egyptian military, if you already govern as a military junta and arrest and kill citizens at random, it doesn’t make much difference if you impose martial law on top of that.


= = =

The Egyptian military has already killed more Egyptian civilians than it killed enemy soldiers in the Yom Kippur War and the Six Day War.

This is a very strange organisation to entrust with the future of the nation.

= = =

Meanwhile, across the border, in that country that most Islamists only call the “Zionist entity” or “Satan” and which they wish to destroy, the Islamist Movement held a protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv. “Hold on”, you are thinking, “but that’s in Israel?”

Yes, that’s right. Even for Islamists, Israel is the safest country to carry out protests, to voice their opinion, to take part in public debates and to enjoy their basic human and citizens’ rights without fear of being shot and killed by their own military.

Dear Islamists, if even you are safer in Israel than in most Islamic countries, maybe you want to take a few minutes to rethink your hatred against the Jewish State? Maybe it’s not that bad to have this one small island of stability and democracy in the middle of this mess that the rest of the Middle East is?

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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1 Response to Did you notice the Irony? (9) Egypt

  1. Prof. Germaine von Rompuy says:

    If all the Muslims convert to Judaism or Buddhism or Christianity, or any other religion, I would not mind. :-)

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