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King and Peasants discuss the British Monarchy

The following clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) is still one of the best contributions in the debate about (not only British) monarchy: I found the following transcript of the dialogue: [ARTHUR and PATSY riding. They stop and … Continue reading

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Easily Confused # 17 – Gangnam Style

The video of people moving in a weird way which I found funny in 1970: – – – The video of people moving in a weird way which people found funny in 2012:

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UNCENSORED: the anti-religious hate video with which it all began

I have been struggling with myself for a long time whether I shall post the unspeakable, disgusting, inflammatory hate video which has lead to the riots in the Middle East and North Africa. I have already pointed out the irony … Continue reading

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You don’t understand how banks work? Watch this!

Monty Python explain the business of banking. Surprisingly topical.

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Bundespräsident Wulff “angeschlagen”

Immer wenn ich höre, daß Bundespräsident Wulff durch seine Affären, Fehler, Einschüchterungsversuche und Ausflüchte “angeschlagen” ist, muß ich an das folgende Video denken: (aus “Ritter der Kokosnuß” von Monty Python) “Angeschlagen” wird nach ein paar Malen zu “schwer beschädigt”, dann zu … Continue reading

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