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To the Love of my Life

A very personal revelation for Valentine’s Day: … The debate whether real love is a result of chance or whether it can be sought never resonated with us, because we fall in neither of these categories. Our story is a completely different … Continue reading

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“Why don’t you get married?”

“What’s the point?”, I could retort. Or talk about freedom, independence and self-determination. But for now, I will just point you to the answer given by J. D. Salinger in his novella “Zooey“: “I like to ride in trains too much. You … Continue reading

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The real explanation for the gender pay gap

Women have consistently been earning less than men, even in highly developed countries, and even in 2011. This is still true in most industries, even for women with the same qualifications as men. (For the related topic of female under-representation … Continue reading

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