To the Love of my Life

A very personal revelation for Valentine’s Day:

The debate whether real love is a result of chance

or whether it can be sought

never resonated with us,

because we fall in neither of these categories.

Our story is a completely different one.

I feel like I have known you forever,

yet I am still getting to know you better

every day.

You know as well as me

that anyone who tells someone else

“you are perfect”

is lying

or has very low standards,

and that anyone who believes it

is stupid.

We are neither

and nor are you perfect.

But with each year that we spend together,

that we live together,

that we travel together,

that we laugh together,

that we learn together,

that we struggle with each other,

I realize more that you are not the most important person in my life –

you are the only important person in my life.

In making this declaration,

I should not withhold the fact,

of which we are both painfully well aware,

that we have been together long enough

for me to have been distracted

by one or the other woman from time to time.

Admittedly, in a world of 7 billion people,

there are a few attractive and interesting ones.

But in retrospect,

most of these affairs

were a waste of time,

went on too long

or were doomed from the beginning.

None of them could really separate us.

I am glad

that we are back together.

I am glad

that no one else disturbs us anymore

when I am alone with myself,

the only person with whom I feel really comfortable,

the only one who understands me,

the only one of whom I never grow tired.

Andreas Moser, 14 February 2015

Andreas Moser field flowers South Downs Way

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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17 Responses to To the Love of my Life

  1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    Bravo! To be comfortable in one’s own company is the best thing ever!

  2. Shannon says:

    can II marry you?

  3. Beautiful poem 😊

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  5. vidavidav says:

    Could not resist to not translate the poem to Lithuanian. It is here:

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  8. Kavita Joshi says:

    I like your style of writing u must say anx yes like this poem :)

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  10. I disagree with you. Each person is perfect whole and complete. I am perfect whole and complete and you are perfect whole and complete. You have likes and dislikes. Relationships are based on accepting the other person as he/she is. I do not like to smoke but you love to smoke. It is whether I choose or not to accept that about you but not because I do not agree with that choice of yours it makes you imperfect. So I believe that maybe we can find someone that likes us the way we are without wanting us to change in any way. That’s a soulmate. That is a perfect relationship.

    • Not everyone is perfect. I am certainly not.
      And this type of relationship which you describe happens too rarely to spend time looking for it. Even if it looks like it in the beginning, it often falls apart after a few weeks/months/years.

  11. I think they happen too often… I look at my family and friends and I wonder how can they be happy with each other when they are the way they are? That’s love right there and what I see as imperfections they see them as perfection. That’s what relationships are about. I like 95% of you… just the way you are and the other 5% I am willing to accept because on a balance good weights more than bad.

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