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The Bolivian Ladies keep Climbing

You remember the Bolivian ladies who climbed Huayna Potosi? Well, these ladies were not satisfied with conquering one mountain above 6,000 meters. They have set out to climb eight mountains in Bolivia, each of them higher than 6,000 meters. This … Continue reading

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Illimani in the Clouds

Flights in Bolivia are short, but scenic. On yesterday’s flight from Cochabamba to La Paz, there was a thick cover of clouds, so I fell asleep, thinking I won’t miss much. Luckily, I woke up just as we were passing Mount … Continue reading

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Mountaineering in Bolivia

If you have been thinking about climbing a mountain higher than 6,000 meters, but you still need some push towards getting your ass off the couch, this might motivate you. These eleven ladies, aged between 20 and 50, climbed Huayna Potosí (6,088 … Continue reading

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The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

My father e-mailed this photo from his hiking trip in Northern Italy. When you go to Italy, don’t just go to Rome, Venice and Florence. Don’t just hang around in Toscana, where all the other tourists are. If you have limited time, … Continue reading

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You don’t need to watch “Everest”

When you watch the trailer for Everest, you may well get the feeling that you have seen it all before: the mountains, the snow, the storm, the helicopter, the drama, the danger, the good-looking tough guy risking his life for … Continue reading

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The Carpathian Mountains are on Fire

At least it looked like that on the evening in December 2014, when my brother took these photos of the Făgăraș Mountains in Romania.

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Mountains in Romania

There are places where everyone wanted to visit me while I lived there. Sicily was such a place. Particularly after they learned that I lived right by the beach, almost every week relatives and friends wanted to come over . In other places, I … Continue reading

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Going into the Mountains in Iran

The Iranian capital Tehran was much bigger than I had thought. Chaotic traffic, honking mopeds, cars driving straight at you on the wrong side of the road, danger to life when crossing one of the large avenues with eight lanes. Estimates for the … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Mountaineering Tips

Some mountaineering tips, all of them disregarded by myself, on the way to Mount Crna Glava in Montenegro. Oh, how I miss that view!

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Mountain Air

Enjoying the mountain air at the Curmătura refuge in the Piatra Craiului Mountains in Romania. (Photos by Dominik Lenz.)

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