The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

My father e-mailed this photo from his hiking trip in Northern Italy.


When you go to Italy, don’t just go to Rome, Venice and Florence. Don’t just hang around in Toscana, where all the other tourists are. If you have limited time, I would even recommend to skip these places and go to the smaller, lesser-known towns, and to the mountains instead. The good thing about Italy is that it’s beautiful everywhere.

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11 Responses to The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I agree to your view…better see places less visited by tourists! Thanks for sharing a great shot

  2. Spectacular photo! Several years ago I spent a month in the area of Aosta, and it is a region of Italy I would highly recommend. I passed many days wandering mazes of trails and country roads that wound through the mountains, connecting vineyards and villages. Unfortunately it was before digital camera days, so most of the pictures remain in my head.

    • Some of my most beautiful memories of Sicily are in my head only, because I witnessed them while running in the mountains without a camera.

  3. Dino Bragoli says:

    Beautiful shot.

    • I have been trying to convince my Dad to join me on my travels, so that he can take the photos and I focus on writing. But to no avail (except for brief visits in Malta, Lithuania and Sicily).

    • Dino Bragoli says:

      I try and leave my Father behind but he won’t comply… if he can help it ha ha, if there’s a mushroom to find or forest fruits to pick he’s there…. Thankfully he can’t keep up as much now and I make my excuses and go off on my own or with friends. He taught me where the boar feed and where and when the vipers are dangerous…. when baby vipers are born they drop out of trees and are as poisonous as their Parents… ouch. He taught me to wear a hat and do my collar up. A lot of rural Italians keep chickens not just for their eggs but to kill vipers around the house. He still doesn’t own a camera and I often forget mine.

    • Snakes dropping out of trees? You are really scaring me!

    • Libs says:

      and Israel

    • Ah yes!
      Your knowledge of my trips is better than my memory.

    • Libs says:

      and now I know even more!!! much much more!

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