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Where is the center of Europe?

Reading the book Schwarze Erde, I became aware of a village in Ukraine that was calculated and named as the geographical center of Europe in 1887: Dilove. “Really?“ I wondered, not because I would begrudge Dilove the distinction, but because I had … Continue reading

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Who made the first infographic?

Reading about Alexander von Humboldt’s scientific voyage in South America, I stumbled upon his Naturgemälde (“painting of nature”) which he drew after almost conquering the summit of Chimborazo in Ecuador in 1802. It shows a cross section of Chimborazo, arguably the highest mountain in … Continue reading

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Book review: “The Revenge of Geography” by Robert Kaplan

A book with the subtitle “What the map tells us about coming conflicts and the battle against fate” sounded very interesting to me. Finally a book that focuses on other reasons than oil and Islam in trying to explain recent … Continue reading

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Globalisation is a Myth

Globalisation, this concept that everyone writes about and that many people blame for their woes or use as an excuse for their policies, is in large parts a myth. Who am I to claim this? Having grown up in a … Continue reading

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Upside down?

Ever since I spent 3 months on student exchange in Australia in 1992 and realised that I was not walking upside down, let alone falling off the earth, I have been very adamant against the use of “up” or “down” … Continue reading

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