Don’t build this modern stuff!

Belgrade has some beautiful old architecture. The main train station is just one of many examples.

Belgrade train stationUnfortunately, somebody thought that Belgrade needs “modern architecture”. Thus, the whole city will be blown up to build something which is neither Serbian, nor Eastern European and in fact not European at all. Everything will be replaced by the bland, uniform style of glass and steel which doesn’t allow you to tell whether you are in Kuala Lumpur, in Dubai or in Toronto.

Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront train station

And the citizens of Belgrade complain about the few buildings which were damaged by the NATO bombing in 1999…

(Photos taken on my visit to Belgrade on 4 November 2014.)

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7 Responses to Don’t build this modern stuff!

  1. Fabio Werlang says:

    Check you e-mail! I’ve sent you a book!

  2. djgarcia94 says:

    What a disgrace. Those crazy buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Astana, Baku, et al only work because those cities haven’t been major cities for very long, and have only become significant due to recent prosperity. Belgrade on the other hand, is very old and has naturally developed a personality.

  3. igor says:

    This will never happen, don’t worry. Especially after this year’s floods …

    • It’s really sad that we need actual floods, heaps of destruction and a lot of deaths to remind us that building on the bank of a huge river might not be the best idea.

  4. The current government is obsessed with their idiotic Belgrade Waterfront, so they had to eliminate the Train station. After all, that’s what the rich Abu Dhabi investors asked for! Who uses trains anyway!? Not the new Serbian elite who bought their diplomas and got all their money through corruption!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Such a shame government they want to build an stupid modern building. The Belgrade train station have an really good shape. Modern buldings should be destroyed until no one left!!!!!!!

    • This is really a loss.
      The old train station building has lots of history and is also quite beautiful inside.

      And this modern stuff is so ugly and devoid of any soul.

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