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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.

The largest Roman city you never heard of: Gorsium

Fumbling through the Puszta fog, somewhere between Balaton and Buda, between Pannonia and Pest, I discovered the largest Roman city you probably never heard of: Gorsium. Continue reading

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To Heat or Not To Heat?

That’s the question asked in many a household on the northern hemisphere these days. This cat was clearly waiting for me to initiate the heating season. When I explained to her that I try to abstain from using the heater … Continue reading

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Village Life in Hungary

Zur deutschen Fassung. One of the things I like about house-sitting is the arbitrariness of it. Sometimes, I get invited to cities like Vienna, Berlin or Stockholm. Places that everyone would want to go to, with plenty of things to … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years Ago, King Ferdinand got Promoted – October 1922: Greater Romania

While Romania is famous for shooting its dictators, it treated its kings quite fairly.
One hundred years ago, the king was asked if he wanted to retain the job although his kingdom had greatly expanded. He said yes. Continue reading

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Hitchhiking to the Happy Cemetery

I only wanted to hitchhike to a cemetery in the Romanian countryside. A rather happy one, at that.
No idea why we end up talking about abortion laws and World War II… Continue reading

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Bratislava – First Impressions

On my journey to Kremnica, I had to stop in Bratislava for one night. I was not in the mood for writing those days, hence just a few photos: Although I only had time for one afternoon walk and one … Continue reading

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The Secret Space Program of Yugoslavia

Zur deutschen Fassung. After my brother and I unexpectedly and rather accidentally discovered a secret Yugoslav submarine port in Montenegro (please read that story first, otherwise this one won’t make any sense), we were still completely excited and out of … Continue reading

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Mobilization in Russia

After the Russian government’s call for mobilization, many Russians, especially young men, spontaneously discovered their patriotic urge to become very mobile indeed. Considering that mobilization kicked off World War I, this is a bit disconcerting, though.

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Naughty Towns and Sin Cities

Have you also been wondering why some towns in Germany have to put a “Bad” before their name? Well, this happens when a town misbehaves. If they are found to have done so, they need to put the “Bad” before … Continue reading

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I am not a spy, I am just curious

Zur deutschen Fassung. Recently in Albania, three people were arrested as they tried to enter a former arms factory. The intruders from Russia and Ukraine said that they were bloggers and liked to photograph old buildings. People who have seen … Continue reading

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