Next house sitting: Kittens in Kyiv

After spending last winter in Canada, I could have been forgiven to choose a warmer place this year, like Barbados or Morocco. (Although Alice, the cat in Calgary, will remain in my heart as the loveliest and most affectionate cat I ever cared for.) But then I got a call from two kittens in Ukraine who were too irresistible.

Stella & Stuart

Stella and Stuart are just five months old, so this is a much bigger responsibility than caring for mature cats. They are still in their formative months, and I will have to be a good example regarding moral values, a healthy diet, studying hard and going to bed early.

I am especially happy about this assignment because there rarely are house sitting offers in Eastern Europe, my favorite part of the world. And I have never been to Ukraine before, so everything will be new and exciting!

From 14 December to 5 January, I will be in Kyiv, and after that I hope to have time to explore a bit more of Ukraine. On the way to Kyiv, I will also stop in Lviv for a few days, as I will be traveling by train or hitchhiking.

For those who know Kyiv, I’ll be staying close to Zhytomyrska metro station. I will be quite busy with the cats and writing and studying, but of course I want to get to know the city a bit. So if you live in Kyiv, I would love to hear from you!

I have already discovered that the area is relatively close to Babi Yar, which is an eerie thought. But then, I am studying history with a focus on 20th century history, so I should be used to what one can never get used to. If you live in Kyiv and are interested in history, politics and other social issues, I am even more eager to hear from you!


And now, I have to learn Cyrillic…



Do you want a posctard?

Actually, you would be surprised how hard it has become to find postcards in some places. But for you, dear reader, I'll walk the extra miles!


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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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6 Responses to Next house sitting: Kittens in Kyiv

  1. Anne Haefele says:

    So, I am completely busted as a follower that clearly has never fully read through your posts. Guilty as charged. What can I say…Ich bin faul. 😏 Ain’t nobody got time to read for fun; especially your book wish list. Sorry, not sorry. 😎

    May I suggest a top 5 list for books in German and English (¿Por qué no hay libros en español?) for undisciplined followers like me. I know I am not alone in my laziness of not reading through all your posts.


    • Snart says:

      May be you are alone in your laziness. Why you are checking this blog which is obviously for readers? There are thousands of other blogs where you can put as much labour as you wish to get through a post.

    • Hello Snart,

      I don’t think anyone is alone in their laziness, definitely not on this blog whose writer is even a proponent of laziness:

      And as a writer, I don’t think I am entitled to anyone’s time or attention. Whatever people give me is a gift, and every genuine interest warms my heart.

    • Hello Anne,

      you don’t need to feel bad at all. I am really not expecting anyone to read everything I write. I am rather surprised when I get to know people who do.
      But the time argument is really a matter of priorities. I get to read for fun several hours a day, although I prefer books over internet reading. I find that time from severely limiting m time on Facebook and Twitter, not using any messenger services, having no children and not working full-time.

      As to the book wish list, I really don’t expect anyone to read through that. And I have already structured it in different segments of books to make it easier to pick a Christmas present. ;-)
      Y no hay libros en español porque no lo hablo con fluidez. Puedo leer periodicos, a veces revistas, pero ya no estoy al nivel para leer libros. Pero voy a continuar estudiar! (Ya tengo un idea por el proximo año… ;-) )

  2. Snart says:

    I agree. I should have kept it to myself. I value honest and open comments based on individual experiences such as this one. I was only puzzled by the communal overreach. That’s all.

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