House sitting in Canada

Unlike with the last house sitting gig in Spain, I won’t be bothering you with daily updates from Calgary. For one, I’ll spend most of the time inside because it’s rather chilly weather, albeit interrupted by some mild days. Hence, this is the time for writing, so you can expect a lot of older stories from Andalusia to Yerevan.

But I know you are curious about the cat and the house at which I will be living for the next three months.

Please meet Alice, a very beautiful, lovely and cuddly cat.


Alice lap

Alice book.jpg

Alice nap.jpg

Alice sweet.jpg

As soon as I sit down, she climbs into my lap, so I can’t get up for hours. I have deposited books next to every couch and sofa to be prepared. She also loves to watch “Fargo”.

This is the house.

Glenbow Store.JPG

This is where I go running. (The story about snow in Canada seems to have been a myth.)

gentle hills rugged peaks.JPG

And this is the sunset.

sunset from Bearspaw Village.JPG

Or maybe it’s a different house because I want to protect the owners’ privacy, but you get the idea.

Canadians have crazy huge cars, often bigger than their houses. One advantage of this: with one trip to the supermarket, I could get all the stuff I need for three months.


Yes, I am seriously driving that thing. I am even thinking of making it a career.

driving truck.JPG


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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14 Responses to House sitting in Canada

  1. DANSON Jacqueline says:

    Seriously gorgeous cat!!!

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  3. Daniela Ceranic says:

    What kind of driving license do you need for driving this truck? I am thinking of changing my career as well :)

    • It depends on the weight of the truck and what your license specifies, and then you need extra licenses for transporting hazardous material.

      Honestly, I am not sure if my license is good for it. But when the police try to stop you, you just run over their car.

  4. Dany Sobeida says:

    La gata es hermosa, la fotografía de la casa me pareció una pintura, eres afortunado!! … que triste,pobre Grace.

    • Pero no he olvadido Grace, espero que voy a visitarla otra vez!

      Las fotos son de cerca de aquí, tomado mientras un paseo desde Calgary a Cochrane. Es el parque pronvicial de Glenbow Ranch. La casa era la tienda y la oficina de correos de este pueblito.

  5. Conrad says:

    Gorgeous cat!

    My definition of car is different from yours :) But that’s ok!

  6. Surinder pal says:

    Schöne Katze Herr Moser. Wie heißt die? Ich habe auch ein Kater und eine Katze. Sie heißen Mogli und Choji.

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