How organized is Germany?

So organized that even ducks stop for a red traffic light. They only cross the road as it turns green.

What you cannot see in the video, is that the ducks had arranged the walk two weeks in advance and that none of them was late (not even the girls). Also, they elected a group leader for the excursion, and as they are walking into the pedestrian zone, they all locked away their bicycles.

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12 Responses to How organized is Germany?

  1. gabe says:

    This quacked me up. :)

    • German ducks only quack at certain times, allowed by local regulations, to avoid disturbing the neighbors.
      Also, no quacking during exam season.

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  3. brokenradius says:

    “not even the girls” ????? Hey, this sounds pretty misogynistic. Do you intend to raise the popularity of your blog by being hashtagged #Metoo ??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now if the German train system would run on time, at least occasionally. I have also never witnessed this mythological German punctuality. Germans are as late as anyone else, in my experience. At one time I thought Germans were relatively intelligent, but the smoking, gullibility, and staring cured me of that misconception. The clichés continue to fall.

    • Intelligence has always been a personal trait, not a national one.
      But smart people smoke too.

      I think punctuality is mainly a generational issue. Those who grew up without mobile phones are used to sticking to an appointment, because you can’t notify the other person of any last-minute changes. Or the other person could leave, thinking you’ll never show up. With mobile phones, this has changed because you can always call, claiming “I am on my way”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Regarding intelligence, Jordan Peterson has pointed out that Ashkenazi jews test with consistently higher IQs than persons of other backgrounds. Is that a „personal“ factor? As regards mobile phones and punctuality, late is late. I remind the (German) I will be meeting with that I will be unable to take calls just prior to our appointment, and that the start time is the start time. This usually prevents my being a victim of German Peoples‘ Time (GPT).

    • Anonymous says:

      (I am still learning my Muttersprache, forgive me. „ . . . (German) with whom I will be meeting . . . ´´)

      Language as intelligence test.

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