Spanish B1

Diplom B1 klein

So, it seems I can speak Spanish now. At least at the intermediate B1 level. But considering that you only need A2 to obtain Spanish citizenship, that’s not too bad.

Zertifikat B1.JPG

I was disappointed that I almost failed the written part. Maybe I completely missed the topic and rambled on about something else. But it may also reflect the way I learned Spanish: mostly by speaking and talking, not in any formal setting, although I did use the Assimil book.

That I got higher marks for talking than listening shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has met me. ;-) Maybe I just got the full score because there was no other way to shut me up. Or the Instituo Cervantes recognized that I spoke with a Bolivian accent and thought: “How beautiful to listen to Spanish in its purest and most perfect form!”

But the B1 level is not yet enough to study at a Spanish-speaking university, so I have to continue. If only there were better TV programs in Spanish than those damn telenovelas

(Zur deutschen Fassung.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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18 Responses to Spanish B1

  1. Edward Allen says:

    Muchas felicitades mi amigo!

    I’m in Bolivia right now for three weeks in La Paz teaching innovation and entrepreneurship…

    Have u tried ?? It’s kinda like Airbnb for language coaching! I get lessons from a lady from Bogota for @$9/hr ($10 if she takes her top off) and it’s really helpful. There r coaches at all levels (even at your expert international spy and jewel thief level!)

    Keep well

    Best wishes Edward Allen Cell (001) 403 397 5505

    • Whoa, that’s a sexist comment! :O
      But I am happy to hear that you are improving your Spanish. It should make the assignments in Latin America even more interesting and rewarding.

      I envy you for being in Bolivia again. I would like to take you hiking in the mountains there, it would literally take away your breath.

      I know about iTalki, but you know I am a poor student. :-( But I think I’ll have to do a few sessions focusing on grammar before taking the B2 exam.

      By the way, I was just thinking of you today, because I might have an upcoming assignment in Calgary. But I’ll know more about this tonight.

  2. DANSON Jacqueline says:

    Congratulations, Andreas!

    Jackie x

  3. Miriam says:

    Bravo. Well done 🙂

  4. Dany Sobeida says:

    Felicidades Andreas! y también creo que el español es un idioma muy interesante, la gramática puede resultarte fácil y a veces hasta mecánica, pero tiene palabras distintas para cada cosa o situación, cosa que en el inglés me confunde mucho, una palabra puede traducirse como varias otras diferentes dependiendo del contexto o las palabras que lo acompañan y aprovechando que ya te graduaste..ja ja ja..hago un mensaje amplio.

  5. List of X says:

    I’m not surprised you did better in the talking part than in listening. I think this would be expected for the people in your line of work. :)

    • Jackie says:

      I’d be extremely worried if I had a lawyer who I didn’t think was at least as good a listener as a talker!

    • Lawyers should really be good listeners. Actually, that’s my no. 1 recommendation to determine if a lawyer is good or not: does he/she ask lots of questions to find out the details of the case?

      But once in court, people expect us to talk, of course.

    • DANSON Jacqueline says:

      You lawyer guys are multi-skilled!!’ :)

    • More so than superheroes, even. ;-)

    • DANSON Jacqueline says:

      Yup, no comparison! :)

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