What a Waste of Balloons!

Hundreds of children could have been made happy with all these balloons. But no, people had to misappropriate them for a wedding.

balloons wedding

(Spotted at Capo Milazzo in Sicily on 28 December 2013.)

Did you notice that the married couple are about to leave the place called Paradise? Very fitting.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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9 Responses to What a Waste of Balloons!

  1. Brilliant! Love it! Well-spotted!

  2. I’m 1000% behind you on this one. What a horrid waste! (We had what I considered an extravagant wedding – about 20 guests, and some catered finger food. I would’ve gone for a Justice of the Peace and 2 witnesses, but I didn’t want my mother going to jail for killing me! :D )

  3. dino bragoli says:

    Is the photo dated correctly? Getting married in late december…..hmm.
    Must have been a long hot summer or they booked late to save some money.
    Either way let’s hope this couple is the 1 in 3 that makes a go of it, whatever makes a go of it means…

    • Yes, I just saw it yesterday. Maybe the time after Christmas is the only time of the year when all the friends and family are back in Sicily, while they usually live all around the world?

    • dino bragoli says:

      That would make sense, although August is more usual, whatever the season the cost is an enormous burden for a young couple, unless they are landed gentry of course…
      Are the ballons covering a small car? It could be their escape vehicle lol!

    • Yes, they covered a car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hang around to see what would happen because I had to catch a ride to the port.

  4. Helen Hyun says:

    Rather judgmental, don’t you think? As someone who doesn’t particularly care for extravagant weddings & lives pretty simply, I don’t think that such an event is for me. But I still respect that for other people, such ritual is important for themselves & their loved ones and that it is meaningful for them as they enter another stage in their lives. Why criticize the sources of happiness of another?

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