You know you are in a hotel in Moldova, when …

… you can study electrical engineering in the corridors,

hotel wiring

the bed looks like from your grandmother’s house in the 1950s (cozy, but a bit short),

hotel bed.JPG

and the doors between corridors are kept open by 2-liter bottles of beer.

hotel beer

But to be fair, I really liked Chișinău. It’s quite a green city with beautiful and large parks, where people play the violin or perform dances at night. The city planning is generous and it’s a pleasure to walk around randomly. I guess I should publish the photos of the more beautiful side of Chișinău, too.

By the way, I like these old-fashioned hotels more than the modern ones which look and feel the same all over the world.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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7 Responses to You know you are in a hotel in Moldova, when …

  1. Yaniv says:

    That’s exactly how my grandmother’s house looks like.

  2. Travlermb says:

    Too funny but yes publish more on your trip!

  3. So agree. Just booked an apartment for an upcoming trip in Georgia and, out of the 2 options I had shortlisted, chose the one with flower lining on the walls and velvet duvets on the beds.

    • How very cozy!
      I really hope Eastern Europeans will keep some of these old apartments instead of “modernizing” everything. I lived in one of these old-school apartments in Romania, with furniture that still had stickers from the “Collective for the Production of Furniture for the People” or something like that, and it was one of the coziest apartments I ever lived in.
      I am curious to hear about your experience in Georgia!

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