Locks of Love

On the bridges that connect Užupis with the rest of Vilnius, there are hundreds of locks. Couples write their names on the lock, then attach it to the bridge and throw away the key.

Some may find this romantic. – I just think of all the bicycles that could have been protected with these locks.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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12 Responses to Locks of Love

  1. Bicycles? How about all the starving children or the whales. Or my bank account?

  2. Some of those old locks are really cool! (Yes, my pack rat gene is showing itself again. :D )
    I seem to remember a news story, about 5-6 months ago, that the town government was considering cutting away the locks because so many were “old, rusty eyesores”, but that popular outrage quickly squelched the idea. Romance beat out practicality! (I wish I could remember which of my sources had that story.)

  3. I just realised something. Some people may come here confused, as an American charity group that collects human hair to make wigs for cancer patients also goes by the name of “Locks of Love”. Just FYI. :)

  4. spa mal ta says:


    it seems you didn’t do a lot of sightseeing while in malta. see one of the pictures in this blog/link

  5. You should see the Hohenzollernbridge in Cologne. Rumour has it there are more than 40,000 love padlocks dangling there. Whenever I cross that bridge I wonder how much love it can take before caving in ;)

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