The Armenian Genocide

In the Old City of Jerusalem, you know you are in the Armenian Quarter when you see these posters on many of the walls and rusty gates.

Armenian genocide 1Armenian genocide 2

I still remember my first visit to Jerusalem in 1992. When I spotted that poster, the term “Armenian genocide” didn’t ring any bell. I stopped to read it and became so interested that I didn’t notice that the group with which I was traveling had already moved on and forgotten about me. Although I was already 16 years old, a bookworm and interested in history, I had never heard of this genocide. Just as I hadn’t yet heard of the genocide against the Herero committed by the German Empire, which wasn’t mentioned a single time during my schooling in Germany.

I am thinking of this as the German Parliament passed a resolution on the genocide against the Armenians, which is an easy thing to do of course if it doesn’t lead to any consequences. But I appreciate anything that prevents forgetting and that keeps the discussion going, including that about Germany’s role.

(Diesen Artikel auf Deutsch lesen.)

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8 Responses to The Armenian Genocide

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  2. David says:

    Nice to see you posting again, Andreas.

    I also notice those signs every time I walk through the Armenian quarter, on my way to the Jewish quarter. Very sad.

    There is also a museum about it – if i’m not mistaken, it’s right around the corner from David’s Citadel, across the entrance to St. James Street.

  3. MS says:

    Thanks for mentioning this topic….

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